Social Media and Policing in the 21st Century

30 Jul 2018 NHP

Social media ushered in an era of unprecedented engagement. Presidents or heads of states are directly communicating with ordinary citizens. Anyone with access to social media can reach out to anyone on the same platform. Social media has been empowering, it has been a leveler and it has done more for freedom of expression than anything in the known history of this world. This is one of the main reasons why social media works hand in hand with local policing and it enables people all over the world to talk directly with their local police forces if they are utilizing social media like many police forces do in this day and age.

Policing in the twenty-first century has undergone innumerable transformations. The induction of various types of technologies changed policing in the nineties. The steady improvement of existing gadgets and the development of new devices has helped simplify policing. It is not without a reason that the world is a much safer place. But there’s still a long way for technology to go and still a lot more that can be done to further help policing and general users as a whole. Some people say that technology is still in it’s infancy and i think they are right, but as time goes on it should become easier for people from all walks of life as well as police forces to use.

Social media is a fantastic way for police forces to increasing followers free and unlike the old fashioned way of sending out direct mail and newsletter social media doesn’t cost money. When a local force joins a social network they are probably going to get a large amount of local followers and probably fairly quickly as local people want to know what is happening in their area.

Some of the main uses of social media for policing include:

  • The police use social media to help identify suspects and sometimes post out to local communities to help find people who they are interested in talking to
  • Report local crime statistics and what’s happening in the local or regional area
  • Reach out to local people and get news out to thousands of people with ease, this certainly comes in handy compared to the old fashioned way of sending mail out to thousands of people
  • Let local people know about convictions and when suspects have been brought to justice

As you can see these are just a few of the many uses social media has for policing in local communities around the country and the world in some cases. Social media really can be a brilliant tool if it is used in the correct manner.